PART 1.Powerpoint presentation with 22 slides + Part2. writing 2 pages of reflection paper+part 3. writing 3 paragraph for discussion. Each part should be separated.

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Guidelines for the Ethical Issue Presentation

The student will do a PowerPoint presentation on an ethical issue of his or her choice that will be submitted to the Professor both via canvas and presented in class. This presentation should reflect the critical thinking and analysis of the topic. The presentation should have a minimum of 20 slides.

Please note the length requirement of the presentation. For grading purposes, the cover page and the page citing the references are not considered toward the length.

The content should be presented in a scholarly manner. Utilize a variety of current professional references (2007 to present), a minimum of three professional references are required (your textbook does not count). You will post the presentation in the canvas module in APA format.

Content to be included:

  1. Presentation of the ethical issue.
    • What is the issue?
    • What principles are involved?
    • Clearly identify the two sides of the ethical issue.
  2. What position would the utilitarian theorist take in regard to this issue and why?
  3. Discuss the issue from a deontological ethical perspective.
  4. Present your position related to the issue and support your stance.

Grading Criteria:

This project is worth 100 points. See the rubric for grading criteria and point range. Use the rubric as a guide in completing this assignment. Please note that points may be deducted if the assignment is submitted late or doesn’t contain all the required items.


Downton Abbey

The article below and the clip above are about a tv show that some of my fellow healthcare professionals enjoy. The article discusses a number of different issues about health care and the future. For your reflection paper, please read and discuss your thoughts about mergers and consolidations in healthcare. Is this a good or bad thing? How could consolidations help the delivery of health care in rural settings or in our country? Or would it cause more harm than good? Please discuss.

‘Downton Abbey’ takes a realistic look at health reform (Links to an external site.)

Death With Dignity

Nebraska has joined the debate at the Capitol about possible legislation on death with dignity. We have touched on this a little bit earlier in this course, however, I need you to do two things for this reflection paper.

  1. Read the links below
  2. Advocate for the following:
    • Make a case that passing this law would be an act of compassion to the patient
    • Make a case that passing this legislation would be enabling healthcare professionals to help kill their patients
    • In the context of this debate, you have been asked to advocate for a treatment plan that you personally do not agree with. Do you think as a healthcare professional it will be hard for you to advocate for a course of treatment that you personally/professionally may not agree with? Please discuss.

Lawmaker wants a bill to allow the use of life-ending drugs

State of Nebraska Death with Dignity


Part 1: Charlie Gard
Read this perspective on the Charlie Gard (Links to an external site.) case. Families and patients often make medical requests that differ from provider recommendations or beliefs. Should Healthcare professionals be forced to do things that violate their religious beliefs?

Part 2: Parents Pick
Should parents be allowed to pick the sex of their child through IFV process? Reaction personally and as a healthcare professional? Would your reaction be any different if you could pick the features of the child (hair/eye color)? What if you could ensure the baby would avoid the family’s predisposition to cancer? Please discuss.

Part 3: Patient Choice
You work in a healthcare facility and are the in charge of assigning staff to patients. One patient’s family contacts you and complains about one of your employees. The family requests that your staff member cover his tattoo’s or not work with their mom as it is causing her considerable stress and anxiety. Reaction?

Would your response be different if the family requested that only female employees work with their mom? Would your response be different if the family requested that their mom is only treated by white employees? Please discuss. In the context of this question, understand that the family is making this request on behalf of their Mom because of the adverse impact they feel it is having on their Mom and her ability to get well. Please discuss. Is this workplace discrimination or the patient’s welfare?

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