| April 14, 2015

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Write a paraphrase of the article, “Learning by Paraphrasing Texts,” pp. 25-26 in Reference Points. Your paraphrase must:

• Be written in your own words.
• Start with a clear identification of the type or work you are summarizing, the article’s author, page range, and the main point of the original article.
• Be written in the present tense.
• Condense the main ideas in the article into a shorter form than the original.
• Omit your own ideas, opinions, and interpretations.
• Write the complete biographic citation for the original article at the beginning of the paraphrase, in MLA format.

*Note: if the article does not show an author’s name, substitute the name of the textbook in which you found the article for this piece of identification.

Your summary be written in correct English.
.5% will be deducted for each error in grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and typing.

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