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Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

The Term Project assignment offers the opportunity to explore/research a specific topic in computer systems in-depth, and present your findings in the form of a written report. Your term project must be 3-4 pages including a cover page. In this module, you will select a topic for your Term Project. You can select from one of the following five topics on computer systems.
LiFi as a new emerging network (You• can focus on any aspect of this new technology, ie. benefits, comparison to existing technology, etc…).
New emerging technology in Computer• Architecture (Processors, processing power, etc…).
Information Systems, roles in• society, importance in organizations and how IS will assist new fields (i.e. data analytics).
Cyber Security is not a new issue.• In fact, there has always been opportunistic people. Since the Internet was opened publically years ago, security of the Internet was no longer possible. With all the recent hacks security is still not seen by some as essential. Describe systems at risk, data breaches, the need for disaster recovery, and how data centers fit into this equation.
• Integration of technology is a new and exciting thing. Discuss how design and implementation is important and how to apply it to a new developing system.

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