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Questions and Answers about the Individual Project
To all, Regarding the Individual project, I posted in Week #1 the document “ITEC.630.Individual.Project” under the “Course ContentIndividual Project” that consists of detailed information for the project along with required project phases and the project rubrics. In the following, I would like to share with all of you some common questions and answers about the Individual Project.
Question 1: Hi Professor Le, For the project, I had no problem in completing the Phase 1. I created a realistic scenario as required of the project that is similar to the consulting opportunities problems in the book. Now, I am stuck with the Phase 2: system and database design. It asks for screens, commands, controls, and features to enable users to use the system. Does this mean we make screen-shot of what the database (web page) will look like? I am just confused on what the whole phase 2 requires. Can you please elaborate?
Answer 1: For 2A, it asks students to “Design an overall user interface consisting of screens, commands, controls, and features to enable users to use the system.” and this part could include the followings: 1. How data will be input to the system? a. The physical layout for each input b. The input design and procedures 2. How data will be output from the system? a. The physical layout for each output b. The output design and procedures How data will be input to the system? For example, in order to collect customer information, do you use a form? or do you use a series of questions & answers? or do you use check boxes (input design). How the form looks like? What are the questions & answers? Where are the check boxes (physical layout). What are your input procedures, if any? For example, if you are a new customer then you will be required to fill out certain forms before you can access the system. However, if you are a current customer then you can bypass these steps. These similar statements can be derived for the outputs of the system. For 2B, parts 1 and 2, you design a database and database tables with attributes, primary keys, three steps of normalization, etc. For 2B, part 3, after you had designed your system database and its entity-relationship diagrams, you need to show how to store and access these database files. Some examples are as follows: 1. Is your database being accessed locally, via a network or through the Web? 2. Is there a database server (SQL Server, mySQL, etc.)? 3. How about SQL Server, 4. Is there any disaster recovery or any data replication? 5. Where are they stored? 6. more… For 2C, since we do not go into the physical design of the proposed system in this assignment and we only talk about its requirement and logical design. So in this section, we will discuss briefly about hardware/software needs for the proposed system. However, since “the purpose of this section 2C is to help readers to visualize the (hardware/software) architecture of your system” so you could refer to information mentioned in the assignment document and describe your system as a Web-based interface, client/server architecture, Internet/Intranet interface, network configuration, etc. You do not need to estimate workloads, forecast costs, cash flow and present-value analysis, and organize the systems proposal. One example written by a student in previous ITEC-630 course about this phase 2C is as follows: “The system architecture will be a Web-based interface allowing customers to order custom parts from anywhere at any time. The company web site will attach to a Microsoft Access back end to provide the data necessary to make the customers visits secure, pleasant and trouble free……..more.”
Question 2: Hi Professor, Could you clarify what you are looking for in the Phase 1 item: F: Description of the proposed system? Are you referring to the Systems Proposal on p.88 or something more general? It is easy to find a one to one correspondence to the text for A thru E, but F is not as clear to me.
Answer 2: The part 1F (Description of the proposed system) is the result of the previous 5 sections A-E. System analysts should come up with a system description based on their analysis of systems problems, issues, objectives, requirements and constraints. Based on this description 1F, managers, owners, and users will be able to know what the system will deliver. You had described the problem definition, issues, objectives, requirements, and constraints and now in this part 1F, you need to propose a system to address these items. A brief paragraph would be good enough to cover this item; however, it should consist of enough information so readers would be able to see that your system could solve the problem.
Question 3: Hi Professor, Please elaborate on Sections G1, G2, and H of Phase 1
Answer 3: Section G (G1 and G2): This covers the logical design of the system, which includes three components: inputs, processes, and outputs. In G1, students can use “data flow diagrams” including a context diagram, a diagram 0, a diagram 1, and processes descriptions to describe their logical designs. In most cases, G1 could cover all three components. However, sometimes certain items such as inputs, outputs, performance, or security could not be described using DFDs so G2 could be used to take care of them. Section H: This is used to handle.

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