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Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

In this case analysis of Ingersoll Rand (IR), you are the Human Resources Team established by IR India management. Prepare a team paper that does the following:
1. Based on the results of the engagement survey, identify the key problems relevant to developing people in IR India. 2. Use transformational leadership approaches and resources from the MLQ assignment to identify three leadership strengths that will be the focus of leadership development programs and initiatives in IT India. 3. Design the human resource programs to address training the employees in the engineering technology centers, ETCs: identify and describe the best ways to encourage more self-directed teams and what rewards and recognition are relevant to developing the managers in the ETCs. 4. Prepare an action plan to advise Ravi Madhavan on ways to improve leading the implementation of the matrix structure with attention to the SBUs and ETCs. • Use at least 2 peer-reviewed, journal articles, from the past 5 years, to support the answers to the questions. Provide substantive citations, written in your own words. • Write a case assignment paper with the maximum length of 1500 words, not including the title page and list of references. • Follow APA for format, citations, and references.

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