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| July 9, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Please address each of these questions in THESIS proposal:

  1. What is the issue that your thesis will address? Why is it important?

Please describe the background of your topic and the problem you have identified

  1. Address the academic disciplines from which you will draw and explain how these disciplines inform your methodology
  2. What is the central research question that your thesis will address?

Please state the central question/theme in the form of an abstract, summarizing the problem you will address. Do NOT state this with generalizations, but rather with a developed thesis statement

  1. How does this thesis project relate to your coursework in the MASTER ARTS LIBERAL STUDIES Program?

What prior background do you have in these fields (within MALS or prior to MALS)? How have your courses in MALS contributed to the development of this thesis?

If related to your Independent Study project, how do you differentiate your thesis work?

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Conflicts of laws and internet commerce


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