| November 25, 2015


In recognition that everyone has different schedules and obligations, I will create at least one opportunity which can be done either by accessing online resources or by reading. This means everyone will have opportunity to earn these extra credit points.

FORMAT: Responses MUST be typed; MINIMUM LENGTH of 2 pages (about 500 words); standard font & margins.

This basic format will be the same, regardless of what you are responding to.

  1. Summarize the event, the film, or the reading (whatever the extra credit option is). Use specific, selected details. For events, if possible, staple your attendance voucher to your response (some events may not give out vouchers).


  1. Respond to the event, film, or reading with your own analysis of it. What did you learn? How does this learning compare/contrast to what you have been learning in this class? When appropriate, incorporate ideas from our class material into your response.


  1. If you respond to a reading, only use one or two direct quotations, if any at all. Put the ideas of the reading in your own words, yet refer to the content of the reading very specifically.


  1. If you don’t have enough to say to write two pages, then pick something else. Papers that do not meet the minimum length requirement will not receive credit.


Plagiarism is a serious academic offense. Papers which use any undocumented sources, including blog posts, Wikipedia articles, etc. will not receive credit and may be grounds for further disciplinary action. This is not a research project. There is no need to consult outside sources. The goal is for you to demonstrate independent learning and critical thinking!


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