| October 26, 2015

You work for a large, multinational corporation whose headquarters is located in Miami, FL. There are a few thousand users located at the headquarters and hosted across various virtual local area networks (VLANs). The human resources (HR) department is also located at the headquarters. The users from the HR department access a server at this location to manage employee information. You want to protect the privacy of the employees, so you have deployed a host-based firewall solution to enhance the level of security. In addition, you will activate the host-based firewall solution on each workstation, and only specific connections will be allowed.
After you have completed the task, write a report of 1–2 pages that answers the following questions:
What are the benefits and drawbacks of a host-based firewall?
How many ports are available in a firewall?
What port did you open when you allowed the Remote Desktop application?
How does a host-based firewall help to improve the overall security of the environment?

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