Paper #2: (20 percent)

In this assessment, students will read the case study provided.  Students will then write a paper analyzing the situation with the daughter and father in terms of the following required elements:  The expectation is that the analysis is thorough and detailed yet concise.  Be sure to make connections between the facts presented in the case study and the information on leadership in the course readings.   Students are expected to effectively use a wide range of the course readings in completing the paper, which means the course readings are used to support ideas and reasoning rather than stand-alone statements.  In writing this paper, it is necessary to perform an analysis in terms of how and why the daughter or father take a certain course of action.  Students are not covering the topics superficially but are required to use the course readings to explain the detail:

  • Leadership role
  • Leader as individual
  • Social architect
  • Change agent


  • Ø  Include father as a manager with short-term goal orientation
  • Ø  Include daughter as a leader with long-term goal orientation


  • Relationship builder
  • How can the daughter and father use the concept of moral compass to give direction to the implementation of a vision and contribute to the success and sustainability of the company?

Required Formatting of the Paper #2:

  • This report should be double spaced, 12-point font, and five to seven pages in length excluding the title page and reference page;
  • Include an introduction and a summary paragraph;
  • Title page with your name, the course name, the date, and instructor’s name;
  • Use headings;
  • Writing should be clear and concise;
  • Write in the third person;
  • Use APA formatting for in-text citations and reference page.  You are expected to paraphrase and not use direct quotes. Deductions will be taken when direct quotes are used and found to be unnecessary;
  • Outside resources may be used but the majority of the support will come from the course readings with a wide array of readings used;
  • Submit the paper in the Assignment Folder.

Websites to use in the paper:

Rubric Name: Written Assignment (20%)

Criteria Outstanding Superior Good Substandard Failure
Critical Thinking/Reasoning 7 points

demonstrates a high degree of critical thinking, is consistent in accurately interpreting questions & material; provides solid assumptions, reasoning & claims; provides thorough analysis & evaluation with sound conclusions
5.95 points

shows good critical thinking; accurately interprets most questions & material; usually identifies relevant arguments/reasoning/claims; offers good analysis & evaluation with fairly sound conclusions
5.25 points

shows occasional critical thinking; questions & material is at times accurately interpreted; arguments/reasoning/claims are occasionally explained; offers fair analysis & evaluation with a conclusion
4.55 points

shows little critical thinking, misinterprets questions or material; ignores or superficially evaluates; justifies little and seldom explains reasoning; draws unwarranted conclusions
3.85 points

lacks critical thinking consistently offers biased interpretations; ignores or superficially evaluates; argues using poor reasoning, and/or unwarranted claims
Application of Concepts/Development 7 points

arguments or positions are well-supported with evidence from the readings/experience; ideas go beyond the course material and recognize implications and extensions of the material and concepts
5.95 points

arguments or positions are mostly supported by evidence from the readings and course content; ideas presented demonstrate student’s understanding of the material and concepts
5.25 points

arguments are more often based on opinion or unclear views than on position grounded in the readings of material or external sources of material
4.55 points

arguments are frequently illogical and unsubstantiated; student may resort to ad hominem attacks on the author instead of making meaningful application of the material
3.85 points

arguments lack meaningful explanation or support of ideas
Attention to Instructions 3 points

demonstrated full understanding of requirements; responded to each aspect of assignment
2.55 points

demonstrated understanding of requirements; missed one minor aspect of assignment
2.25 points

demonstrated some understanding of requirements; missed a key element or two minor aspects of assignment
1.95 points

failed to show a firm understanding of requirements; missed two key elements or several minor aspects of assignment
1.65 points

did not demonstrate understanding of assignment requirements
Clarity; including grammar 2 points

writing is clear and easy to follow; grammar and spelling are all correct; formatting gives a professional look and adds to readability
1.7 points

most ideas are presented clearly; occasional spelling and/or grammar issues
1.5 points

wordy; some points require rereading to understand fully; more than an occasional spelling and/or grammar
1.3 points

unclear and difficult to understand; frequent spelling and grammar issues
1.1 points

largely incomprehensible writing/poorly written in terms of mechanics and structure
Adherence to APA style (6th ed.) 1 point

no APA style errors
0.85 points

attempts in-text citation and reference list but 1 or 2 APA style errors are present
0.75 points

attempts in-text citation and reference list; APA style errors are present; inconsistencies in citation usage can be found throughout the document
0.65 points

attempts either in-text citation or reference list but omits the other
0.55 points

no attempt at APA style
Overall Score Outstanding
18 or more
16 or more
14 or more
12 or more
0 or more


Attachments:Assignment #2 Lots of Fun
Taira Brandt is the 35 year old daughter of Justin Brandt the owner of a medium sized party invitation company “Lots of Fun” Taira has recently received a degree from UMUC in Business Management and is anxious to take over her father’s company.  She is a single mother, very attractive but a little retiring in her manner.  She and her father have been planning her take over for several years, ever since her ex-husband left the business after their divorce, an event that did not go unnoticed within the company.  Taira has always worked in some capacity within the company but never in a serious leadership role. She is simply known as the “boss’ daughter”.  Taira and her father have agreed that she will take over as CEO in the next two months. No one knows of this decision.
Having taken BMGT 365 Taira realizes that she has her work cut out for her if she is to be a good company leader. The first thing she has to do is take stock of the company. This is what she sees. The company has netted 1.5 million in sales for the last two years with no growth rate.  Costs have, however, increased by 3 percent.  The company produces and sells a variety of invitation styles at different price points but her most popular items seem to be either the “budget” invitations or the “high end” expensive paper products.  Her sales people have traditionally only sold to card stores or stationers. The company has never sought to sell directly to the customer. Taira would like to explore the online market for future growth potential.  In addition to the new markets, Taira would like to revamp the company image and marketing plans. Taira’s father, the current CEO, was approached by a Kuala Lampur firm who would like ‘Just For Fun” to go into a joint venture with them to set up a separate web store that will sell invitations to Asia with local stores in Kuala Lampur.  Taira and her father are uncomfortable with the approach because they lack understanding of the Asian culture but do see a great business opportunity.
There is another issue that is on Taira’s business agenda.  The company is located in Kent, Washington one of the largest lumber towns in the country. Being close to the paper source has saved money in the past for the company but now pressure is on to seek “green” methods of production.  A recent article in the Kent County Gazette challenged “Lots of Fun” to get in touch with their “green side.”
The business side seems solid right now but her father has never really changed things since he started the business forty years ago. He has managed his way to success. Her father… Taira thought is another matter. What is his role going to be? He jokingly says that he wants to go into “semi-retirement” but never really says what that means. In fact Taira’s not really sure that he wants to retire. When she asks him what role he wants his reply is “I have just one request – don’t make me a figurehead. I would rather retire completely. You choose the job or have me retire, either way I will do what you want. It is your show now sweetheart.”  Justin Brandt is an extrovert through and through.  He always wants to be near the action and thrives on running the company. His open personality and hands-on style has made the business what it is now.  Taira knows this but her role growing up as the “I’ll do any job girl” has made her privy to lots of company gossip. She heard the new middle management staff of which there are three, two men and one woman, say he is nice but too controlling while others like the Vice President and CFO, men who have been with him for the last 25 years,  have given up trying to think for themselves and just go with his flow. Where do I put my father? I need to establish myself and my style with these people. I want to make big changes and I have to get them on board. Yet, I don’t want to lose my father’s knowledge and enthusiasm. I don’t want to lose him altogether.