Paper 1: Extended Descriptive Paragraph—English Writing Assignment

| February 26, 2014

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Paper 1: Extended Descriptive Paragraph—English Writing Assignment
Length: 350-400 words—write one paragraph
Due Date: Feb. 25th
Type of Paragraph: Deductive/Formal Topic Sentence
Format: Typed, Double Spaced, 1” margins
Paragraph Characteristics: A Unified, Developed, and Coherent Paragraph
Type of Writing: Description of a Person, Place, or Thing.
Audience: Indicate specific target audience in upper right hand corner of paper.
Purpose: to Inform
Point of View: informing about a new perception to the audience—Select descriptions which reveal point of view within the topic sentence formation.
Characteristics of Description: Description uses the five senses—seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling. Use as many of the five senses that are relevant to the description.
Language/Style: use a vivid, active style of writing that uses adjectives to paint pictures in the minds of the audience or readers.
Introduction: Use an attention-getting device: question, definition, startling statement, statistic-fact,
Conclusion: summarize main idea found in topic sentence
Modes (Types) of Writing: At least 75% Description
Showing and Telling: Make sure the paragraph has and showing details and descriptions
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