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Palestine Examine its social structure, culture, and basic historical background as a basis for proposing specific and detailed means to enhance, improve, develop and stabilize that particular nation using tools presented in our course. Concepts to be applied in nation-building: Dealing with opposition Using traditional culture Engagement with institutionalized religion Legitimizing leadership Language of national unity National consciousness Identity Economic development Investment Foreign relations Education Health and welfare Police and Military Political Process Government Administration Finance and Taxation Please SINGLE-SPACE your paper. Provide about 2000 words. Apply at least five brief quotes from scholarly sources using the same format as in our discussions to analyze the nation building process. Organize your paper by providing appropriate subheadings. A title is needed but an abstract is optional. Avoid broad statements and emphasize how you would use ideas from our course to advance this nation based on details of its culture, history, challenges, and problems. Your bottom line concern is to improve the quality of life of its people. Please ask me any questions about the assignment on the FAQ in Week 1. Please single-space your paper, but in all other respects comply with the structure on the PDF linked below. Apply at least one brief quotation from each of your sources (minimum of 5 sources). Organize your paper, cite your quotations, and provide your references using American Sociological Association format.

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