Ownership structure and corporate governance: A comparative analysis between private enterprise and State-owned entities in China

| May 19, 2015

Relevance and importance of my proposed research
So far, the Chinese Anti-corruption storm has involved about 70 listed companies. In resource listed companies, including non-ferrous companies, coal companies, oil companies, gas companies, most of them are the state-owned companies.
For a long time, some economists believe that State-owned Enterprises (SOEs) have weaker performance which is mainly caused by their natural mechanisms. And there are three evidences to support this argument. First, SOEs are deeply influenced by politics, such as full employment is one of the goals for most SOEs, which ignores the efficiency of the company’s human resources. Second, the managers of SOEs usually are not professional manager, who lacks management capability. Finally, owner omission is another important reason of inefficient corporate governance.
Now, disciplinary committee found many problems of corporate governance in current China’s state-owned enterprises reorganization.
I want to through the analysis of corporate governance in different ownership structure of the company to found that whether the ownership structure is the significant effect for the corporate governance and enterprise’s performance.
In corporate governance, different ownership structure has a different aspect of the company. Such as:
1. The governance partnership: investors, companies and directors.
Compare the different between state-owned entities, private enterprise and overseas-funded in China.
2. The regulatory framework.
The different types of companies have different regulatory framework.
3. Models of corporate governance.
The different types of companies have different models of corporate governance.
4. Functions of the board.
The composition and appointed of the board are different in different companies. So the functions are different.
5. The governance of corporate risk.
The different types of companies have different risk response ability.
6. Corporate social responsibility and sustainability.
Different social responsibility in different types of company.
7. Board membership: directors’ appointment, roles, and remuneration.
Different board membership in different types of company.
8. Board assessment: reviewing directors and boards.
Through the analysis, I want to found that whether the above matters of corporate governance in different type of ownership structure have main gaps for the corporate performance, found the significant influence of the corporate governance in state-owned entities, in order to propose improvement program for the state-owned entities’ corporate governance.

According to this book, Iwrote the outline.
ZHOU, Meng Meng (2009). Does Ownership Affect Performance? – Evidence from Chinese listed companies. Master thesis
In general, privatized-owned firms have lower growth rate than state-owned firms. Concentrated firms had higher growth rate than non-concentrated firms


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