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Order Details
Minimum requirements:
MLA style
1500 words (and no more than 1750)
Introduction with:
Background information (e.g., current and historical relevance)
Why reader should care
A clearly defined claim/thesis statement (unless you clear your use of another position in the paper for the thesis statement with me ahead of time)
Body with:
Minimum three reasons that support your claim
Grounds that support each of your reason(s)
Minimum one warrant that ties each reason to your claim (so, total of three)
Backing that supports each of your warrant(s)
One main idea per paragraph
One thesis sentence per paragraph
Rebuttal section with
Minimum one counterargument (opponent?s argument)
Your position
Your refutation/rebuttal
Seven (7) sources, three (3) of which must be scholarly
Use the topic/issue approved by instructor
Restate your topic and why it is important,
Restate your thesis/claim,
Address opposing viewpoints and explain why readers should align with your position,
Call for action or overview future research possibilities.
Works Cited page with MLA-formatted sources
Possible Template for Argumentative Research Essay
A. Historical and contemporary relevance
B. Current issue: both sides; finish paragraph with claim
C. Road map: lay out your reasons in the order you will address them in your paper
Background/context of issue
Reason One
A. Grounds 1
B. Grounds 2
C. Counter-argument: claim, reason, etc.
D. Rebuttal
Reason Two
A. Grounds 1
B. Grounds 2
C Counter-argument: claim, reason, etc.
D. Rebuttal Conclusion
V. Conclusion
A. Restate claim
B. Summarize reasons
C. Bring back to introduction
D. Finish with a rhetorical question, or appeal to pathos, or some other strong ending
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Analysis of given Resource
Opium Wars (1840-1852 and 1856-1860)


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