Outlining the Expository Overview and Expository overview

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Details We also know that the Expository Overview needs to be 1000-1200 words. Given what you know of the average word count for a page in MLA, approximately how many pages is 1000-1200 words? Given what you know about the average number or paragraphs per page, approximately how many paragraphs would reach 1000-1200 words? And what would be a good plan for your first and last paragraphs? Here is where you move from general to specific and from collective to personal. You know yourself and your writing process, so you know whether you should plan for short paragraphs or longer paragraphs. And you know if you tend to be wordy and require editing out for concision as part of your revision process or whether you start with the facts and need to leave space to go back and add. With those concrete details in mind, you will think through how to structure the Expository Overview in a way that includes all the elements of the assignment and presents the information clearly while engaging your readers. There are many ways to achieve that goal, and the practice of following different approaches is the best way to learn how to create practices that work best for you and help develop your personal writing process. In the same way that we followed a shared approach to outlining in Project 1, let’s move through the process for outlining our Expository Overview together

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