Outline of Narrative essay

| June 19, 2015

The Use of Voice
Paper instructions:
Outline of Narrative essay
The Using of Voice
Introductory Paragraph
General Topic Sentence: My friend and I were talking about the contradiction we have, but never been talked before.
1. Subtopic One: My friend told me what he really thinks about friendships, and what he experienced in his life, because he trust me the best.
2. Subtopic Two: I feel that we really need to verbally talk to each other about everything.
3. Subtopic Three: I decide to have conversation with my other friends; in order to tell them to use voice is important. Also tell that what I want to encourage them.

First Supporting Paragraph
1. Restate Subtopic One
2. What we said in our conversation, how is that important to me.

Second Supporting Paragraph
1. Restate Subtopic Two
2. It makes me know that us voice is really important to everyone.

Third Supporting Paragraph
1. Restate Subtopic Three
2. I talk with my other friends about their thinking about friendships, and what their own life is, and I encourage them to do what they want in the future.

Closing or Summary Paragraph
We should use our voice to demonstrate us to friends, this is important of what friendships should be.


ALI 150
C. Stammler

Narrative Essay:
I. Key Parts of a Narrative:
a. Setting
b. Characterization: main & supporting
c. Plot: Answer all Wh-?’s in chronological order
d. Theme: What is the main message?
II. Narrative Writing Techniques:
a. Chronological order
b. Repetition of key words
c. Framing
d. Flashback
e. Foreshadowing
f. Dominant Impression
III. Essay Topic & Requirements:
a. Topic: Using Voice: Tell the story of ONE event in your life when either you USED your Voice or you DIDN’T USE your Voice. What did you learn as a result?


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