ou may write one extra credit essay from the following choices 500 word extra credit 2920664

ou may write ONE Extra Credit Essay from the following choices:

500-Word Extra Credit Essayof all the religions we studied (besides the one you practice or the one you were raised in), which had the most positive impact on you and why?

500-Word Film Review Essay on “The Peaceful Warrior” with Nick Nolte, OR “The Da Vinci Code” with Tom Hanks, OR “Joshua” with F. Murray Abraham and Tony Goldwyn. Explain and discuss the religious themes of the movie, the spiritual and religious traditions, how the story affected you, and what it means today.

500-Word Movie Review Essay on the documentary “Jesus Camp”. Analyze the movie, especially what you liked/disliked about the religious training depicted and the larger issue of the separation of religion and state.

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