| February 23, 2014

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Answer the following question with a 600-800 word essay. Be sure to refer to specific scenes and passages in formulating your answers?be as detailed as possible.
In the course of one scene (3.3), Othello has been changed, seemingly, from a doting, trusting husband to a man ready and eager to kill his wife and his best friend. Look at the scene closely and then discuss the extent to which the transformation is convincing, dramatically and psychologically. Is there anything in Othello?s character that can explain what happens in this scene? Is this all a matter of Iago?s cleverness, or wit (right from Cassio?s exit and Iago?s accompanying ?I like not that? at line 35, Iago manages to plant ideas in Othello?s mind without saying very much)? Has Desdemona in any way brought this situation about? Has Cassio?
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Discuss the power relations between generations (parents and children) in Hamlet, King Lear, and Othello.


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