ospitality Enterprise Management Restructure/Reorganization

| May 21, 2015

Write an evaluative report of a hospitality enterprise that has recently had a major reorganisation/restructure. Drawing from the course material, detail the changes and examine the dynamics involved in those changes and how they have impacted upon the enterprise both on a micro and macro level. Explain how the ownership and management structure can influence its business viability.
Prepare a report consisting of the following headings:
 title page
 executive summary
 table of contents
 introduction (describing the purpose, scope of the report and background of the organisation and such things as limitations and assumptions if appropriate)
 methodology (how did collect your information)
 results
 discussion of results (evaluating the organisation in relation to the issues and linking this to the unit material)
 conclusion
 recommendations
 appendices (included any tools which assisted you with your research)

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