Oskar Schindler Opportunist or Hero

| February 9, 2014

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Need a paper to examine the motives of Oskar Schindler. Was he a hero, or could there have been other motives? Need 5 sources. Do not use encyclopedias, must be reliable sources.Must be in Chicago style
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Oskar Schindler was born to a middle-class catholic family that belonged to the German speaking community in the Sudetenland in April 1908. He attended to a German grammar school to study engineering in order to follow the foot steps of his father to run the family farm-machinery plant. Most of his childhood and school friends were Jews, but he never developed a lasting relationship with each of them. Just as most of the Sudetenland youth he joined the German party that which supported the Nazi Germany that strove to for the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia and their union to Germany. The incorporation of Sudetenland to Nazi Germany led Oskar to become a formal member of the Nazi party. It was after the outbreak of World War II that Oskar showed up in the occupied Krakow, the ancient city that was home to thousands of Jews and a seat of the German occupation administration. The city proved to be highly productive to German entrepreneurs, as they hoped to capitalize on the adversity of the subjugated country to make a fortune. The initial motives of Oskar were to capitalize on the cheap labor available in Krakow in to his industries…ORDER NOW
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