Osama Bin Laden: A Short Biography

| February 9, 2014

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History, to a large extent, is shaped by individuals. Your assignment is to pick an individual (chosen carefully) from your text, then write a short biography on that person. Follow the “Chicago Manual of Style” (CMS) for writing the research paper utilizing endnotes (not footnotes) in your paper. Look for Diana Hacker’s “Research and Documentation Online” link under the “Online Research and Reference” section of the homepage. There is a sample research paper posted in the “Course Documents” on BlackBoard. Another fine writing style resource can be found @ http://www.wisc.edu/writetest/Handbook/DocChicago.html. The paper should be between 5-7 pages in length of text (do not include your title page, note page, and your works cited page in this page count) and should include at least 5 sources (print and/or electronic sources will do). Secondary sources may be used exclusively if primary source material is not available or too difficult to interpret. Additionally, I will NOT allow tertiary sources (such as, Wikipedia). Primary sources include written works that are contemporaneous to the individual or event being researched. An example of a secondary source is anything written by a trained historian (someone with an advanced degree in history) years after the event or individual was alive. Your textbook is an example of a secondary source. Remember to follow the “Chicago” style when citing them in your paper and in the “works cited” section of your paper. Please refer to the following sites for general guidelines on how to conduct historical research: http://www.lawrence.edu/dept/history/HistoryResearchGuides.htm and http://academic.bowdoin.edu/WritingGuides/. You will find valuable links embedded within these sites.
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Osama bin Laden or Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden shaped history in a negative way, as a top wanted life, fought too hard for what he believed in and just like the rest of many men and women who have gone to history books for their achievements, he went to history books for his terrorist activities. He was the founder of the Islamic jihadist organization name Al-Qaeda, the group responsible for numerous attacks against American military and civilians as well as the September 11 attacks12, and was enlisted in the Most Wanted Terrorists and the Ten Most Wanted Fugitives lists by the American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for the 1998 United States embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya. This paper is a short biography of bin Laden, covering his personal life, religious ideologies, involvements in militant activities and criminal charges. Early life Osama bin Laden was born in a very rich family in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on March 10, 1957. His father, Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden was a construction tycoon….ORDER NOW
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