Orthographic changes in CMC: A Review of Literature

| September 26, 2015

* The writer should have knowledge basis in applied linguistics_CALL in particular
* A number of references will be downloaded that i would like to be refered to by the writer as references along with the ones the

writer chooses to refer to.
* Following is my outline
Here is my term paper suggested outline and title
Orthographic changes in CMC: A Review of Literature
I. introduction
In the introduction: briefly highlight the following points;
– The influence of CMC on language
– The constant orthographic changes in CMC
– The debate on whether these changes are normal creative change or a linguistic threat.
II. The types of orthographic changes in CMC
III. Causes of invented spellings in CMC
• Review of research on the causes of invented spelling in CMC
IV. Is the phenomenon a linguistic adaptation or threat?
• Theoretical views
• Empirical Findings
V. Conclusion

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future of Khmer English and what will happen to World Englishes in general, specificallydialects that are not spoken by many like Khmer English
responses to the questions about the reading given


Category: Linguistic

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