Orthographic changes in CMC: A Review of Literature

| September 26, 2015

* The writer should have knowledge basis in applied linguistics_CALL in particular
* A number of references will be downloaded that i would like to be refered to by the writer as references along with the ones the

writer chooses to refer to.
* Following is my outline
Here is my term paper suggested outline and title
Orthographic changes in CMC: A Review of Literature
I. introduction
In the introduction: briefly highlight the following points;
– The influence of CMC on language
– The constant orthographic changes in CMC
– The debate on whether these changes are normal creative change or a linguistic threat.
II. The types of orthographic changes in CMC
III. Causes of invented spellings in CMC
• Review of research on the causes of invented spelling in CMC
IV. Is the phenomenon a linguistic adaptation or threat?
• Theoretical views
• Empirical Findings
V. Conclusion

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Category: Linguistics

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