Organizational learning workshop

| May 13, 2014

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I need to write in a simple way as international student
I provide the references
I need clear outline to show what is the arguments and Main key points and the structure how to do this essay to discuss with the coordinator
The essay should have :
body which includes the issues , the argument ,the overlapping and my point of view etc,,,
and conclusion
the question is
A current managerial concern in contemporary organizations is the issue of employee engagement and how to mobilize employees in major programs of organizational change and learning. Often implicit in this literature is the suggestion is that rather than learning practitioners traditionally driving and structuring major change initiatives, the role for learning and change must become more universal or democratic and that every employee contributes learning in various ways in delivering the organization’s success and outcomes. Research the academic and professional literature.
Research the academic and professional literature on employee engagement as it links to and impacts learning and change within organizations. Consider the various roles that are performed including employees, managers, HRD/learning facilitators and leaders (and any other influencers of change). Review what you have learned in the subject about learner diversity and the philosophical and technical differences among teaching, learning and facilitating and consider the adult learner here as the organizational worker.
Discuss your understanding of the overlaps between the employee engagement and organizational learning literature and present a particular perspective that you justify in your paper.
For example, despite what you read in the employee engagement literature, you may still believe there is a crucial
role for learning facilitators but perhaps performing in different ways that are only just emerging. If this is your perspective, you should identify several reasons for your views and justify them with reference to literature, any case scenarios you find from research, your own work experience or clear logic. In the paper, it should be clear what your own view of OL is (compared to findings of other researchers), and what new/emerging approaches might be needed to improve both OL and employee engagement.
For either option, you are encouraged to develop an abstract or outline of your proposed topic and share it on the Discussion Board for feedback by your peers and the lecturer. Early feedback can help you to refine the precision and rigour of your points and lay out your argument in a clear and scholarly manner.
Further information:
The format is expected to be a structured essay with some section headings. It should comprise mostly paragraphs with occasional use of bullets as appropriate. At a minimum, six references (academic or professional sources) are expected that comply with Harvard (UTS) referencing style.
1-Able to persuasively articulate a focus area within OL by researching, summarizing and discussing the literature and issues in the focus area and aligning them to relevant OL concerns.
2- Ability to integrate theory with practice in presenting logical arguments and claims that are
Supported by relevant literature or workplace experience.
3-Shows critical and reflective insights in addressing core OL and change concepts covered in the Subject and typical or specific workplace practices.
4- represents a clearly written document that is proofed, spell-checked and an effective example of Critical analysis. Any references used are compliant with Harvard (UTS) referencing style.
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