Organizational Commitment

| January 13, 2014

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This is a team project about organizational commitment. my work is to do the Appendix A,B,C and D. I’ve already done the Appendix C.
below are the confidence intervals for to do Appendix A. Please put it to the format i’ve attach
Confidence Intervals Affective Continuance Normative
First Hypothesis 0.376 to 0.924 -0.384 to 0.164 0.226 to 0.774
Second Hypothesis 0.226 to 0.774 -0.104 to 0.444 0.236 to 0.784
Third Hypothesis 0.246 to 0.794 -0.274 to 0.274 0.261 to 0.574
Appendix B is about demographics. I will send you the format for appendix B afterward since i can only upload for file at this point! The demographics categorized only Sex, Age, Education, Profession and time at Current Job
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