Organizational Chart Assessment

| June 19, 2015

Organizational Chart Assessment

The organizational chart is an essential aspect of Strategic Planning. The organizational structure reflects the flow of control within most organizations, although both hierarchical and network structures can be identified. More often there is a formal organizational structure that demonstrates the reporting process from the top to bottom of an organization, while a separate structures exists to reflect communication and access across levels as they actually function. Read the following resource: What is an Organizational Structure? (Links to an external site.)

Please examine the organizational chart for one the following organizations. Eastern Washington University (EWU) Organizational Chart and the US Department of Energy.

Answer the following questions for each organization.

Who is at the top (who does the organization work for?).

What are the major administrative divisions within the organization, and who is in charge (title)?

Where do you fit or would you fit in this organization? (as a student if at EWU what college are you in, who are the key actors? as a policy analyst in the Department of Energy how is work organized?

Are there ways this organization could be changed to better reflect flow of power and the mission/goals of the organization?

Eastern Washington University

US Department of Energy (with mission links). (Links to an external site.)

Create an Organizational Chart for the Association of Student Planners at EWU using this on-line guide. (Links to an external site.)

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