Organizational behavior Analysis

| April 23, 2014

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THIS is NOT an essay it is analysis of my team work which i dont know how to do so this is the requirements
(( YOUR analysis about your team 2 pages analysis about how your team performed in the context of our (((((OB theory and concepts)))). It is based on a journal Im writing about my team so breifly Im gonna tell you what we have done so you know how to put this together we are a group of 5 students since the beginig of the semester we chose our team leader u can leave his name blank and write how was he b a good leader and how was every one of us a great team mate it doesnt need to be true,, using concepts of the book that applies of course,,,, we have met several time we did not have a problem with that some of us couldnt make it in one or two of our meetings that happend in school library and one of the meetings .. the project was to choose a working place and interview the people who work there so we have done interviews and contacted the store we chose .. in meetings we always discuss things and listen to everyone openin and so here you should write how we where a good team and what makes us a good team using also the concepts and theories in everything THE MOST IMPORTANT PART this should be written based on a book called (Organizational Behavior Key Concepts, Skills & Best Practices) 5th edition THIS BOOK IS A MUST all the concepts that i must use in writing the paper are from this exact book this is a take home test if i use another book its a ZERO
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