Organizational Analysis

| March 22, 2015

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Organizational Analysis
For the Organizational Analysis, you will pick an organization to follow and analyze.
I would like to examine Riverside County Office on Aging:
Your project task is several-fold:
Review/identify the major purpose(s), goals, and/or mission of the unit you analyze. What factors led to its creation? What is the organizational structure of the unit? An organizational chart is useful here.
Describe/discuss the degree to which the unit fulfills its prescribed purpose: Where are there inconsistencies, and why? How is this evaluated, formally or informally?
What type of environment does the organization find itself in, and how affected is it by that environment?
Analyze the organizational culture — What types of employees/professions characterize the organization? What difference, if any, does this make? Is there evidence of a public service motive in employees or not?
In what ways, if any, does this organization serve a diverse population and represent a diverse workplace? Can you identify ways in which this has helped or hurt the organization?
What reforms, if any, have been attempted, and how successful have they been?
What reforms, if any, would you suggest for the unit to better meet its goals/mission?
You must document your sources for the purpose/mission and factors which affected the organization’s creation and development.
You also need to provide support from the literature where appropriate. That means you will need a bibliography. Students find that breaking up this project into specific headings is useful for organization. These analyses tend to be about 11 pages long. It is required to be: paginated, in double-space type, well-written, and stapled in the upper left-hand corner.
Reference Section separate from 11 page body.
12 pages total
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