Organisations in a Global Environment

| March 15, 2014

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Globalisation and different forms of technology, including social media, may mean that in the future offices will be paper-less and people-less.
Discuss this statement.
Some points to consider:
– description/portrayal of global environment
– changes in this environment
– role of people/human capital
– role of technology
– consequences of technological dominance
– impacts on performance
– impacts on nature of work, type of work
You are to produce an essay, which completes the following tasks:
1. Critically evaluate how business communications take place in a global environment (50% marks);
2. evaluate the strategic options now available to organisations (including HRM and technology options) (25% marks)
3. Recommend the strategic route forward for global businesses (25% marks);
To "critically evaluate" you must do some background reading/research. You should make good use of the university library and online resources. In your evaluation you should reference authors who have carried out research in the area of global business.
You should clearly answer EACH TASK in a separate section.
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