Organisational capability

| May 20, 2015

Question: Identify an organisation of choice that is widely acknowledged for its capabilities, and
research the reasons for its success. Explain, by drawing on theories, ideas, and
concepts from the unit, how and why this organisation has achieved the success it has,
and what accounts for its exceptional ongoing performance.

Chosen organisation is Netflix.
Main reading:

Key concepts from the unit are: organisational leadership, strategic human resource management, leading adaptable and sustainable organisations, innovation.

Marking criteria: Has a relevant organisation been identified and selected as a suitable
case for research and analysis?
Have cogent reasons for the identification and selection of the case
been explained and justified?
Have relevant concepts, theories, and ideas from the unit and
literature been used to explain how and why the identified
organisation has achieved its success and maintained its ongoing
Does the discussion show satisfactory analytical insight,
understanding, and reflection on relevant leadership, learning,
organisational, cognitive, contextual, social, and epistemological
factors that have a bearing on organisational performance?
Has adequate reflection on what has been learned from examining
the case at hand occurred and been synthesised with prior knowledge
and understanding, and with learning from the unit?



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