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HIST 131 Asian & Pacific Islander American History * Seattle Central / Spring 2014 / Lai
Oral History Project Criteria & Evaluation (30% of final gradepoint)
Week 2 4/16 proposal due (includes who you plan to interview as well as possible topics of interest)
Week 4 DUE5/02/14: Working Bibliography using Chicago Style Citation
Week 5 DUE 5/12/14: Completed Formal Interview (prepared questions,
recorded, requestnarrator’s permission for use of information)
Week 6 DUE5/16/14: Introductory Paragraph and Thesis
Week 7 DUE: Peer Evaluation of Rough Draft (SAVE to turn in with final copy)
Week 9 DUE 6/06/14: Final draft (attach rough draft and peer evaluation for
Project Pointers
For a 6-8 page double-spaced word-processed essay, plan a minimum of one source per page. Keep in mind that if you use several artifacts (diary entries, photos, or memorabilia) you would need additional types of sources so that you don’t over-rely on one or two secondary sources. The final product of this oral history project is a research essay that interprets and contextualizes an aspect of your formal oral history interview. With Chicago Style Citations, you will choose either footnotes which appear at the bottom of each page OR endnotes which are listed on a separate page following the essay. The Bibliography is required, even if it repeats the information in footnotes/endnotes. Note that the bibliographic and footnote/endnote format is slightly different.
Primary Sources (firsthand account or from that time period)
1. formal oral history interview
Secondary Sources (academic/scholarly/college level sources)
o Evaluate credibility
o Pay attention to copyright (scholarship may be too dated and lack recently available sources)
o Deliberately seek a variety of types of sources (books, media, periodicals/academic journals, internet)
Evaluation: 100 Point Total Points
Library Workshop 5
IRIS&Plagiarism Quizzes 5
Appropriate number of sources 5
Variety in type of sources, current 5
Interview (questions, notes) 10
Use of sources shown by footnotes/endnotes 5
Citation format and Bibliography 10
Thesis 10
Development (Analysis/interpretation) 10
Conclusion 10
Mechanics 10
Draft and Peer Evaluation 10
Oral Presentation 5



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