Option B: Emerging Adulthood: An extended period for exploration

| October 26, 2015

Interview two emerging adults about their current life stage. Develop a list of questions to assess the degree to which these emerging adults’ lives either coincide or contradict Arnett’s theory of emerging adulthood. Use the following questions as a starting point: Do you feel like you know who you are, or are you still exploring your identity? Have you changed your college major or career path since graduating high school? If so, please describe. Do you believe that you will get where you want to be in life? Please describe. Do you feel that you have achieved adulthood? Please describe. Additional questions that will assist you reach the goal of this assignment. Next, prepare a critical reflection of the experience: Discuss your assumptions prior to interviewing the two emerging adults and explain why you had these assumptions. Indicate how the actual interview responses were similar to or different from what you expected based on your original assumptions. Indicate how this experience confirmed or altered your original assumptions. SECOND, save your document to your computer.

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