Optimization of Bus Routing and Bus–Stop Spacing to Minimize the Total System Cost of Operator and User

| April 1, 2014

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-Model Formulation(Develop a Model)
-Literature Reviews
*these references have to be use and include in the Literature Reviews.
1- Optimization of Bus Route Planning
in Urban Commuter Networks by Steven I-Jy Chien, Branislav V. Dimitrijevic, and Lazar N. Spasovic
2-Large-Scale Transit Network Optimization by Minimizing User Cost and Transfers by Fang Zhao
3-Improving High frequency bus service reliability through better scheduling by Fattouche, Grace.
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Using both the Summary for Policymakers and the Technical Summary, pick one table or figure from the Summary for Policymakers (e.g., SPM.4 on carbon cycles) and identify the corresponding “Thematic Focus Element” (e.g., TFE.7 on Carbon Cycle Perterbuation).


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