Optical Fiber Testing

| February 24, 2014

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One page:
Describe the Chromatic Dispersion (EG&G CD-300). (Figure 3,4). As an instrument only, how the instrument works precisely (from the beginning of connecting the fiber till we get the result on the screen.. like the light travels through the fiber and.. ect , .), and the parameters in this device. In general how dose it work practically. 1/2 page
Then describe the graph of a sample of fiber of CD test (Figure 5) (just general description what it means the parameters in the graph, short explanation). Also short description about: Lambda-zero, s-zero, total dispersion. 1/2 page
One page:
Describe the instrument of polarization mode dispersion (PMD-440 EG&G-USA) (Figure 6), as above, how does it work practically in precise way, from we connect the fiber till we get the result on the screen. Then explain the graph, and what it means?, and the parameters given in the graph (PMD, PMD/root/km, second order PMD, fit coefficient. Short explanation(only to refer to the graph in my thesis) (Figure 7).
One page:
Describe Cut-off Wavelength device practically (photon kinetics PK-2210 ) (Figure 8), how does it work practically in precise way?. And why we are using only 22 meters sample for testing, and using 2 objects with diameter of 4cm and 2cm (to make banding on the fiber, why?) .
Then, explain the attached graph and what it means? (Figure 9).
Two pages:
I attached the practical side of my work, I need you to explain and put some comments regarding to what I wrote and obtained from the figures (17, 18 and 19), to accomplish the tests in shortest possible time (to be an optimal order of testing) (taking into account the rejection rate and the time of test and preparation),what I wrote was not enough from the doctors point of view. write and put more comments and advantages and any thing can be enough to cover the obtained results. The graphs in results chapter (17, 18 and 19).
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