| January 28, 2015

Case study:

Rwizi Power station is the sole provider of electric power in Darrendale, Zvimba. Every month ending customers come to queue for power tariff payment. However, the offices are static. Despite seeing these routing queues the Depot Operations manager has never taken any step to bring this disgusting problem to an end. The Darrendale community approaches you as an aspiring public manager seeking advice on ways to solve this problem.

a) Describe one definite tool/instrument that you will recommend to the community.

b) What do you suppose could be reasons for failure by the manager to address this problem?

c) What is the potential risk associated with this prevalence of sitting on problems and nto attending to it?

d) How can ICT contribute to the expected solution?

Question 2

a) Critique the status quo within our government system that has since over the years hindered the process of quick service delivery to meet the civil society needs and conclude by highlighting alternate recommendations for improving productivity. [10 marks]

b) JIT operation is best when sustained by a reliable ICT infrastructure. Describe by giving any one software application of an Information System. [10 marks]

c) Affirm the difference between MRP II and ERP systems. [5 marks]

[Total – 25 Marks]

Question 3

a) Demanding forecasting and producing as per order are two efficient but different techniques. Evaluate how the two can suit two different implementation environments. [6 marks]

b) Discuss elements of Information Assurance that you can use to countermeasure Virus threats on a public service organization that harnessed ICT technologies. [10 marks]

c) Mid-volume/mid-variety strategy of production systems can be a best approach to achieve optimum mass production. Express your opinion by posing an academic argument to agree. [9 marks]

[Total – 25 Marks]

Question 4

a) Cross functional operation is an efficient way to enterprise-wide management. Discuss how has this brought success to a number of organizations. [10 marks]

b) Describe one quality assurance approach to pursue which will cause government customers to start smiling because of improved service quality. [10 marks]

c) Elucidate whether the Passport Office of the Registrar General is operating by either dependant or independent demand. [5 marks]

[Total – 25 Marks]

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