Operations Management Hank Kolb Case

| June 19, 2015

Operations Management Hank Kolb Case

Case Questions:

□ What are the causes of the quality problems on the Greasex line? Display your answer on a fishbone diagram and write a one or two paragraph discussion.

You are Hank Kolb and you realize that the quality problems with the Greasex line is a symptom of a larger quality management issue for the organization. You have formed a problem solving team within the organization to analyze this larger problem and make recommendations on how to improve the quality management system with in the organization. Describe how your team will analyze this problem and make recommendations for improvement.

1. Write a problem statement that identifies the improvement objectives.
2. Describe the data and information collection tools that you will use to analyze this problem. Be specific. For the data you will collect, design the data form(s) that will be used. You may also identify data that may be within the organization data bases that you will analyze.
3. Generate a data set (since you cannot actually collect the data) and show how you would use one or more analysis methods to analyze the data.
4. Establish design criteria that you will use to evaluate alternatives that your team may develop.
5. From the information in the case, as well as any other data/information that you have, make recommendations on how to improve the quality management system in the organization. Create an evaluation system that you will use to track the results of your team’s recommendations.

Write a report summarizing your case analysis. The goal of this report is to demonstrate your ability to use the problem solving approach and tools taught in this course and to make a compelling presentation of your recommendations.


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