Operations Management

| July 22, 2015

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ASB-4904-5 : ABP – Operations Management 


Weight: 50 % of module mark
Type: Individual Assignment – 1500 words.
Format: Business Report 

Real Case study
A comparison of the Operations Strategy and the key Operational Performance Objectives in the following companies: 
Apple, IBM, Samsung
You primary source of information/evidence will be the Internet
A Business report has to start with a good executive summary, then main body in ‘lay terms’ with lots of graphs, the text should flow and all technical reports should be kept in the appendix; It should be well printed, formatted and with a nice cover and binding. The main body should be about 1500 words while the executive summary should be no more than one page and preferable about 10 lines. 50% of the assignment mark will be based on the overall format and 50% for the actual content.

Deadline: 6th of September
Weight: 50 % of module mark
Type: Individual Assignment – 1500 words.
Format: ACADEMIC Report 

Real Case study
Write an essay of 1500 words on how you can: “Forecast the worldwide sales of iphone 7 within the first three months of its launch”. Do provide a quantitative forecast for this and also provide a series of arguments (or numerical calculations) that support your prediction.


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