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BUS 2103



WORTH: 20% of Final Grade

MARKS AVAILABLE: 60 (to be shown as a percentage)

DUE DATE: Due on Thursday 28th May 2015 (end week 15)

PAGE COUNT: Report approximately 4 – 5 pages maximum

CONDITIONS: Poster Display is Group (3 – 4 students) worth 10%

Research Report is Individual worth 10%

Tasks must be handed in by the deadline. Failure to submit

on time will result in a deduction of 10% for each day over

the deadline. First drafts are not permitted. Any questions

regarding the explanation of the project and the requirement

are only allowed.

TEACHER CONTACTS: Email: shaun.hodgson@hct.ac.ae

Phone: 02 694 1248 (direct)


HONESTY POLICY: Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated within HCT.

Academic dishonesty includes cheating, plagiarism (copying)

or any other attempt to gain an academic advantage in a

dishonest or unfair manner. Breaches of the Academic

Honesty Policy will result in dismissal from HCT.

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BUS 2103 Operations Management Page 2 of 3

Faculty – Business Assessment Task 3 May 2015

1.Operations Management Poster Display

You are required to choose a company and create a poster display illustrating what you

have learnt about Operations Management in the company OR the Operations

Management relating to an individual product. The poster must be accurate, relevant,

visually pleasing, creative and clear in its message.

2.Operations Management Research Report


Title page (1 mark)

The Title can be something like: “Operations Management practices of _______ .”

This should be a separate page. You can include a photograph or logo or something


Table of contents: (1 mark)

The Table of Contents must indicate the headings in the project as well as the page

numbers. The Table of Contents must also be on a separate page.

Basic guidelines for the project: (1 mark)

 Use numbered headings and paragraphs. This will make referrals easier and will

make references to the Table of Contents easier.

 The project should be typed at 11⁄2 line spacing. The Font size should be 12. You

should use Times New Roman or Arial Font

 Page layout should be portrait.

 You must quote and include your references. Also include a list of references at

the back of your project. This is very important.

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BUS 2103 Operations Management Page 3 of 3

Faculty – Business Assessment Task 3 May 2015

Structure of the Report (1 mark)

Here is a basic structure for the project. Notice how I have given structure to the

headings. I have numbered them and I have used:

 CAPS and BOLD for the main headings

 Bold, for the subheadings and

 Bold and Italics for the sub-subheadings


Marks Section Titles Contents

4 Title page / Table of contents / Guidelines / Structure


Introduction to

the Report

Briefly discuss the background of the company and the main

products and/or services that the company sells. You can also

briefly mention something about the competition and how you

believe the company competes (relating this to their



Strategy of the


What do you believe are the company’s “Order Winners”?

Briefly explain how 3 of the factors that affect productivity

relate to the company.

4 Forecasting Briefly explain the basic forecasting approaches and a

technique the company could use.


Product and

Service Design

What are the design considerations the company must make

with their product and/or services, for example, legal, ethical,

sustainability, standardized or customized and to what extent,





Explain the capacity issues your company must deal with. The

3 critical capacity questions; what type of capacity cushion is

needed? What type of constraints could there be in the

operations, and how could they be overcome?

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BUS 2103 Operations Management Page 4 of 3

Faculty – Business Assessment Task 3 May 2015


Process Design

and Facility


Which process design is your company following? Explain in

detail how the product/process matrix relates to the product

and/or service that your company provides? Explain in detail

the type of layout the company is using to create their


8 Location

Where was your company located? Explain your answer.

Which location factors did or would have been considered

(were present)? In your opinion, does your company have a

good location? Why or why not?

10 Quality and

Quality Control

Discuss the management of quality and quality control. Which

of the concepts for an effective quality management program

is your company using? Explain 5 of the dimensions of quality

to the product/service.

Total / 50

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Internal operations of a healthcare organization


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