| May 20, 2015


Essay Paper (3 pages)

Essay areas to be covered:

  1. Quick summary of both videos
    1. Should be 1 paragraph in your essay
  2. What are 3 things you learned
  3. What is the 1 thing you would tell a CEO
  4. What are some trends you see
  5. What are some challenges you see


Essay due:

  • Your paper should be 3 pages long (if it is longer than 3 pages I will only read the first 3 pages)


Gather data via:

  • Watch the videos
  • Research via (to gather knowledge around trends and challenges)
    • Articles
    • Social Media (LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, etc.)
    • Other research
    • Operation methods in value chain management

Book used : Operations Management: An Integrated Approach, Fifth Edition by R. Dan Reid and Nada R. Sanders, John Wiley & Sons Inc.,” ISBN 978-1-118-12267-9


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