operation management

1.    What are the minimum number of phases in a production process?

2.    Are there any phases we may neglect in a production process?

3.    Which department is responsible for the quality and quantity of every phase?

4.    Which department is responsible for the quality of the final product?

5.    Which department is responsible for timing the product?

6.    If we need to control production time, should it be only on final product? Justify

7.    What type of management Inventory and Queuing Management Departments perform?

8.    When may queuing management be part of inventory management?

9.    Why would defected products affect distributors if the percentage is within normal ranges?

10.  If distributors need a certain quantity at a certain time, and Quality control department rejected a relatively high percentage (10%) — as an Inventory Manger, how would you act?

11.  Draw a table to mention the (common) advantages and disadvantages of the 3 project structures.

12.  Draw a graph to demonstrate 3 project lifecycles one graph showing different phases for each life cycle.

13.  What is the common phase between 3 project lifecycles?

14.  What is the most successful lifecycle? Why?

15.  What is the most common lifecycle? Why?

16.  What is the least common lifecycle? Why?

17.  What is the lease successful lifecycle? Why?

18.  What is the most costly lifecycle? Why?

19.  What is the least costly lifecycle? Why?

20.  Why is training a key factor for the success or failure of any project?

21.  May we start the first production cycle by an r-shape? Why or why not?


22.  What is the first step in any cycle/ project?

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