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| February 10, 2014

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OP218 (2013-14): O&PM Assessment 2 Question 3
There are two parts to this question.
You have received an update from your friend with the restaurant (see below). Produce a revised plan for the project.
24 June, 2014
Many thanks for your advice. The roofers have been working Saturdays, so the roof was completed today and the tasks which depend on this will be starting as soon as possible.
Our first booking has now been confirmed for 1st September, so we still need to save a bit of time somewhere. Ideally, I’d like to be ready a couple of days before so that we can test all the equipment and have some time for staff training – say by the end of 29th August.
The decorators for the dining room have been booked from 1st August. However the Gas company are still insisting that they have to wait until the plumbers are finished.
I think I can afford to pay the all of the contractors overtime to work on Saturdays if need be, but not on Sundays.
Could you produce an updated schedule please?
Enter the data from the exercise below with a start date of 1st May 2014 and using the minimum, most likely and maximum durations. Set the “remaining duration” for each activity to be the same as the most likely duration. Choose Run Risk Analysis from the Risk menu. Use the Distribution report to answer the following three questions:
What is the probability of completing on or later than Date 1?
What is the probability of completing on or before Date 2?
What is the probability of completing on Date 3?
Obtain dates 1, 2 & 3 from the personalised list in the file “Dates for O&PM assignment 2 project.xlsx”
Submission: Electronic submission of two Primavera ? plan’ files only, via Studentcentral. Enter your answers to the three probability questions in the submission text box.
Data for part b
A project to construct a new warehouse is being undertaken by Brighton Builders Ltd. They intend to begin work on 1 May 2014 and work a 5-day week.
They have identified 13 major activities which must be completed and have estimated the most optimistic, most likely and most pessimistic durations (a, m and b, respectively) for each activity, in days.
Immediately Preceeding Activity
Most Optimistic duration (days) Most Likely duration (days) Most Pessimistic duration (days)
a m b
START – 0 0 0
A START 5 6 8
B START 1 3 4
C START 2 4 5
D A 4 5 6
E A 7 8 10
F A 8 9 13
G D 5 9 10
H D 3 4 5
I B, G 4 8 10
J B, G 5 6 8
K E, C 9 10 15
L E, C 4 6 8
M K, F, H, I 3 4 5
END J, L, M, 0 0 0
Note: make sure you set the duration of the START and END activities to zero. (MARYAM AHMED is my name on the spread sheet)
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