Online Hate Speech

| July 18, 2015



Online Hate Speech





Online Hate Speech

Part 1: Miller, L.M (2014, May 21). How Muslim Americans combat online hate speech.

Retrieved from   combat-online hate-speech


The hate speech situation that I choose is the case of filmmaker and contributor reacting to the terrorist attacks on the rise in America. He commented, through a tweet, that the Americans should slaughter all the Muslims – even on the streets. However, the act that had left sixteen people with injuries while four had lost their lives were not acts of terrorism and, the attacker was not even a Muslim.

The police in the US started targeting the Muslims, and it was even hard for them to go about their businesses as they feared for their lives. The Muslim Americans felt offended and asked Patrick to apologize which he never did. For the government and the society to reduce the damages caused by hate speech messages, the law should act on the individuals found responsible for spreading the hate. They should be charged in the courts of law so that the rest can learn from them. The society, on the other hand, should condemn such online messages and never act in support of such text.
Part 2: Response to Student

Kathy Sierra is to blame for her misfortunes. Being a scholar who can manage to release volumes in such a male-oriented field such as computer programming, she does not fit to be a blogger. Most often than not, the audience does not handle bloggers with respect. In any case, what goes on in most blog sites is gossip and cheap talk mostly aimed at harming the reputation of others. Therefore, a blogger is someone who cannot claim a respected place in the society. Kathy could have run a respectable social media page and maintain her professionalism. Exposing herself to the blogging activity ruined her reputation among the people. It was the reason her enemies found it easy to attack her. Had she retained an honorable image away from the blog site, her enemies would take her as a respectable person. Someone who has maintained her space and is hard to reach, not an easy target.




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