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| April 9, 2015

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The topic to write on in the research paper is ” Online education in College”
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Step 3: Writing Begins: Thesis Statement and Formal Sentence Outline (Points 10)
After having found scholarly resources in the library and online data bases, you can start putting together your outline. Write a one-sentence thesis statement and supporting sentence outline that would reflect the material to be covered in a 4-5 page paper. Each entry must be one complete sentence—one idea. See the grammar handbook for outline format. Do not use quoted material from your sources in the outline. This is your argument, so you are responsible to come up with the main points.

The outline should organize the ideas that you intend to discuss in your essay. No late outlines will be accepted for credit. I will, however, comment on late outlines. All students who email me their outlines will get general commentary for improving the outline in order to result in a better paper. You may need to revise the outline, so you will need to be checking your email periodically in order to make the necessary changes in time to write the paper. . Also, there will be a 2-point deduction for every time you need to revise, so get it done right the first time. You may only move on to writing the paper if I indicate so in my commentary. I have included the format below.
Thesis statement:
I. Supporting Idea #1 (Topic Sentence)
II. Supporting Idea #2 (Topic Sentence)
III. Supporting Idea #3 (Topic Sentence)
Note: Your outline will be matched to your paper, so pay careful attention in organizing it and coming up with the idea that will control each section of your paper.

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