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| October 19, 2015

Imagine you’ve been hired as the new director of online advertising for your brand. Your first assignment is to do an online advertising audit and make a recommendation about what platforms you should participate in and a high level idea of what a campaign might look like on each platform.
Go through each method and platform described in this lesson and make a recommendation of usage. If you recommend against using an online advertising method you need to indicate why and it needs to be a good reason otherwise you will lose points.
For each method you do recommend using write up a general description of how you’d use it to benefit the brand. Make sure you cover the following topics:
Display Advertising
What sites would you target? What message would you promote? Where would you send users who do click on the advertisement?
Search Engine Marketing
What keywords would you target? What would your budget be? Write out a sample advertisement and indicate what would be on the landing page.
Social Media Advertising
Cover each platform and indicate if you would or wouldn’t recommend using it (again you need to indicate why if your recommendation is to avoid a particular platform.) Describe who you would target, what your advertisements would look like and what type of advertising method would you use? i.e. Click through to a website, promoted accounts, etc…
Finally make recommendations about what metrics would you watch to determine if the campaign is successful. Is it clicks?
follows? conversions? engagement? etc…
Include two external links
Include one photo or video
Assignment title must be catchy and interesting
Must be client ready, nicely formated and formal in language.
Cover all the methods and platforms discussed in this lesson — even if you’re recommending to avoid a platform.
Demonstrate an understanding of advertising methods and making realistic recommendations.
Your recommendations must be justified based on your own research or information provided as part of this lesson or class.
additional reading
David Meerman Scott, New Rules of Marketing and PR, Chapters: 11,12, 14
An introduction to AdWords
Building the best keyword list
Writing effective AdWords ads
Social media advertising beginners guide
Landing page success factors

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online advertising
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