Onet Assignment Pick 2 different occupations and asnwer the following questions in this space. Be sure to NUMBER your ANSWER: Name of second occupation

Onet Assignment Pick 2 different occupations and asnwer the following questions in this space. Be sure to NUMBER your ANSWER:

Name of second occupation you selected
occupation code
what job zone?
What knowledge would one need to perform the job?
What skills?
What specific abilities would be needed to perform the job?
How many work activities did the job analysis identify?
How many detailed work activities did the job analysis identify?
What levels of education do workers in this occupation tend to have?
What is the median national annual wage for this occupation?
Imagine you are hiring someone to perform this occupation. Write a brief (4 sentence) job advertisement identifying the qualifications you would be looking for?
If you needed to evaluate someone performing this job, what TWO behaviors / tasks do you think would be the most important to assess? Why?

Please use attachment answer questions Fall 2021

O*NET OnLine: Job Analysis

Assignment Overview
• To understand the importance of Job Analysis, you will explore the product of

extensive hybrid job analyses: O*NET OnLine. What will you do?

• (1) Complete a career interest inventory (O*NET Interest Profiler) to
determine what your career interests might be.

• (2) You will select and explore the job analyses of two occupations that
match your career interests (as determined by the O*NET Interest Profiler)

• (3) Answer a series of questions about each occupation in Blackboard

• Read the rest of this document for step-by-step instructions on how to

complete this assignment.

Applying the outcomes of a Job Analysis
Go to the website:

Click on

That link will take you to the O*NET Interest Profiler….which you are going to complete.
Read the instructions and click NEXT

• You will be presented with a list
of 60 work-related activities.

• For each, you indicate how
much you would LIKE or
DISLIKE to perform that task.

• Answer based upon what you
would LIKE, not what you
currently have the SKILL /
EDUCATION to perform.

• For example, I would LIKE to

sign, but have no singing
skill / talent. I would answer
“LIKE” for singing.

• After you have answered all of
the questions, you will see the
screen to the right. If you are
ready to move on, click NEXT.

• The next screen presents a
brief summary of your results:
where you interests are across
SIX dimensions

• The various links on the page
will provide more information
about each of the dimensions.

• You will need to provide these
results to me in one of two

• (1) If you click PRINT, it will take
you to another screen that
provides your full results
(shown on next page)

• Hey! There are your full results.

• This is part of what you need to
submit for the assignment.

• If you click PRINT on this
screen, some computers will
give you the option to save the
printed output as a PDF file.
You can do that and submit
that PDF file.

• You could also use your
function to save it as a file you
can attach.

IF this is confusing to you, there is
a second way to get the full
results to me.

• (2) If you click on SHARE, it will
reveal the drop down list of
several options.

• For the course, you would need
to select COPY LINK and
submit the link in the
Assignment in Blackboard.

Now that you have found what
your career interests are, let’s link
these to actual careers…Click

• As described in the text, O*NET
provides the results of a hybrid
job analysis for, essentially,
every job in the United States.

• Those jobs have been
categorized in a variety ways,
including by JOB ZONES.
These are described on the

• For your assignment, you will
need to do SELECT TWO
different Job Zones (can only
do one at a time).

• Select one of the Job Zones,
and click NEXT

• The screen will
display a series of
occupations that
match your CAREER
the JOB ZONE you

• Look at the list, and
CLICK on one that
you are interested in
learning more about.

• The screen will now display a
summary with information
about this occupation. That’s
great, but we are college
students we need details!

• CLICK on the “see more
details at O*NET OnLine” link
at the bottom of the page

• The screen will now display
the job analysis information
for the occupation on the
O*NET OnLine site. This is
the page that you will use to
answer a variety of questions
concerning the occupation.

• Occupation code: see the red
circle to the right… that’s the
occupation code for this
specific occupation. You will
need that number, and you
can use it to find the
occupation directly on the
O*NET OnLine site.

• That’s ONE occupation. Now
you will need to fine a
SECOND occupation
(different Job Zone, so you
will need to return to the Job
Zone selection screen).

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