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| October 27, 2015

B. Select a specific DSM/ICD diagnosis and explore the available research concerning the extent to which the disorder is caused by biological-hereditary factors versus environmental influences. Describe the assessment techniques that might be employed to determine the extent and the cause of the disorder. Case study examples are encouraged. Journal articles, Internet research, books, magazines, or other resources should be used to describe and summarize the information relevant to your subject. The paper should be 7 to 10 pages in length, typed or printed from word processor (double-spaced, 12 point type). Review and integrate your findings into a coherent summary. Please follow APA format to the greatest extent possible. You must include a cover page and a bibliography and be sure to cite all sources. You must submit your paper electronically as an attachment to an e-mail, and it must be in Word or rtf format. Papers will be graded on relevance, understanding of the facts involved, originality, organization, and clarity (grammar and spelling reflect effort and will influence your grade).

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Based on the documentary on North Korea: [see part 2 & 3 for complete documentary] ... Prepare an argument based on the following premise: What if the N. Korean regime was to collapse, and the
Thet yellow wall paper, by t.s elliot

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