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| July 26, 2016

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The purpose of this assignment is to identify and apply OM (Operations Management) concepts/tools to solve operational problems and improve operational performance. To this purpose, you should find an interesting operational problem from the real business world and think about how you can apply the OM concepts/tools that you learned in this course to solve the problem.

More specifically, each individual should:

  • Find an operational problem from the real business world (from his/her own work or from any company)
  • Identify specific OM concepts/tools that can be applied to the problem
  • Apply an appropriate OM concept/tool or a set of appropriate OM concepts/tools to propose a solution to the problem
  • Analyze the expected results that may be obtained when the solution is implemented.

The table in the appendix below will serve as the grading rubric for this assignment.

The report should be 8 – 10 pages in length including the cover and appendices, with 1” margins on all sides, double-spacing, and 12 point font. The cover of the report should include title, class code and name, section number, your full name, and date of completion.

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