Oil and Gas Facilities Engineering Coursework

| February 15, 2014

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I need course work related to oil and gas engineering topic. Below is the full description of the course work. Some sketches are also needed to be drawn.
Project Brief
The Gazzelle offshore oil field has been producing for a number of years and oil rates have come off plateau with increasing water cut. The steel piled jacket platform based oil stabilisation system was designed for first oil conditions where no water was produced. All gross liquid production has been routed through a floating storage unit (FSU) vessel from where all oil is transported by shuttle tanker to the refinery at Fort Thompson approximately 200 km south west of the field. Present water production settles in the FSU tanks and is discharged directly overboard as the required oil in water specifications are met. It is envisaged that the FSU is nearing the end of its useful life and a full inspection and refurbishment will be required in about three years which will result in a complete shutdown of the export facilities for twelve months.
Development plans for the field envisage re-injection of some produced water into an upper horizon within the field where inadequate pressure support from the aquifer has been observed. Injection and disposal of the produced water will require drilling of six injection wells and four water disposal wells – there are no available slots on the bridge linked well-head jacket.
After commissioning of this new water injection project it is expected that oil production rates will return to the present plateau and be maintained constant for a number of years, however the water cut will increase and the present system of dehydration using settling in the FSU tanks will not be suitable to maintain injection water quality and for changes in statutory requirements which in future require that all water discharge to the sea be stopped.. This will require a complete upgrade of the separation and water handling systems. Deck loadings for the existing Gazelle platform are already at their maximum level. You are a facilities engineer and have been asked to assess three field development options with a clear recommendation to the Gazelle asset manager;
(1) Refurbishment to upgrade the present system,
(2) Replacement of the oil export system via the FSU and
(3) Complete system replacement
Project Scope & Outline
a) Prepare flow schemes showing the architecture of the layout and of the main components used from wellhead to the point of export for all options. (20%)
b) Using the data provided and the economic analysis excel sheet (with a completed Base Case Decline example) carry out an economic evaluation considering the technical cost – (CAPEX+OPEX)/cum oil – of the three options available to develop this field in comparison with the base case. (15%)
c) Discuss the flow assurance issues that may be encountered in the schemes and propose likely solutions to these in particular defining the revised water handling, injection and disposal system. (20%)
d) Critically analyse all options (under clearly identified set of criteria) to develop the Gazelle field from wellhead to point of export (subsurface plan is fixed). Based on your analysis select your recommended option for field development. (30%)
e) Prepare an outline decommissioning plan for your recommended development option. (15%)
The report should be not more than 3000 words with flow diagrams and other relevant drawings to illustrate any points being raised. All references used must be fully identified.
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