Official Board Meeting

| September 24, 2015

create and write about an Official Board Meeting that he/she attended by following this Instructions below.
2. Please centralized your discussion on community/population Health. For example, helping people in Poverty/Homeless or eradicating Alcohol, Drug, and Guns in the community. In Washington D.C.
3. Writer can create the names of Board members.
4. Organization holding the meeting: Unity Health Care Inc.
5. Address: 1901 E St. NE Washington D.C. 20003
BOARD MEETING (10 points)
A typed, one page summary of the meeting should include:
1. Board members names,
2. Whether or not members are appointed or elected
3. Their terms of office.
Also, include information about the
1. Process of the meeting
2. Business discussed
3. Relationships of the issues to the health of the total or segments of the populations.

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