Occupational Health and Safety

| March 29, 2015

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  1. The TLV for carbon monoxide is 25ppm according to the Ministry of Labour for Ontario. Consider the following example:

A mechanic in an automotive repair shop is exposed to the following carbon monoxide levels over an 8 hour shift.

  1. 2 hours @ 34 ppm
  2. 5 hours @ 40 ppm
  3. 1 hour @ 20 ppm

Is the worker over-exposed during the duration of the work-shift? (To complete the calculation, add up the doses for every hour of the shift and divide by 8 hours to determine average exposure.)

What is the primary concept of hazard recognition and the hierarchy of hazard control?

Going through the Hazard Control Hierarchy – explain how the types of interventions in the hierarchy might be applied to this example to provide potential solutions.

What are the key parts and features of the ISD model of training and Kirkpatrick’s Hierarchy? (6 marks) How could the ISD model of training be used with Kirkpatrick’s hierarchy to help to plan and evaluate the success of each step of training design and implementation? (4 marks



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