Observations and Evaluation of the Event

| April 23, 2015
Observations and Evaluation of the Event
Here is a link for lecture audio.
The report must include not only your observations and evaluation of the event but also must include some article or piece of work by or concerning the speaker or the event.
• Do not use a separate sheet as a cover page.
• A bibliography (including Web-site URL’s) must follow the text immediately and NOT be placed on a separate page.
• The papers must inform the reader of the author’s sources of information and should use a consistent citation style (such as that of the American Anthropological Association, or the Chicago Manual of Style, etc.).
• Your name should appear single spaced in the upper right hand corner of the first page along with class designation, the assignment designation and the date of the assignment or of the event being reported.
• Pages must be numbered consecutively from the first page.

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